River Stone Crusher

In the construction industries, different materials are of great significance in the building of structures, such as roads and buildings. Among some of these elements are aggregate, sand, gravel, and others. River stones and stones from the mountains are commonly crushed to give these more fine materials such as the ones mentioned above. For example, finer crushed gravels will yield sand while moderately broken gravel will provide aggregate.

The river stone crushing process.

The process starts from acquiring the raw materials which are large rocks from the rivers or mountains. The choice of stone is facilitated by the fact that rocks from these sites are durable and are hard enough not to be destroyed by water since they have primarily been hardened by it.

River stone crushers are assembled into a plant that carries out all the processes necessary to obtain the last usable end products. However, stone crushers can be mobile such that they are transported to the locations where these raw materials have been found. The challenge with these mobile crushers is that they can only be used limitedly and once the resources are exhausted they are moved to a new location.

Step by step crushing process;

· The first step is the primary crushing stage where huge rocks are taken through the first jaw crusher, this is mainly large and has a higher crushing capacity ratio. The enormous pieces of stones are reduced to smaller stones that are taken to the next stage via a vibrating feeding machine.

· The second phase is known as secondary crushing, cone crushers, are commonly applied in this step where more grinding of the rocks takes place, fine gravel and sand is yielded from this point.

· The next stage is mostly the utilization of a vibrating screen which separates different sizes of the gravel, only those that meet the required size are moved to the next step, those that are still big are taken back through the crushing process.

· The finer end product that is of the right size is piled up and washed and then transported to the construction sites.


To get maximum services of your river stone crushing machines ensure that you pay hid to the following; the mode of operation and its performance. The device applies motors in its operations and relies on breaking and modifying the shapes of the stones. With this in mind, you can make the right choice of a machine that will be of high performance and small consumption rate.