How Can You Recover From Customer Service Blunders?

Every day for the last week my newsfeed has been riddled with customer service disasters, and it really does bring three issues to light:

  • Right or wrong, it happens to everyone,
  • There is more than one side to every story,
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Embracing the Concept of Customer Advocacy

You have done an excellent job of getting people to embrace your brand in a really profound way. Social media really helped you to accomplish that and now you are at the point where your clients and prospective clients are

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Understanding Web-To-Print From Customers Point of View

Even though web-to-print software is often looked upon as a need of the printer looking forward to sell his products online, it is not meant for the printers to use it themselves, firsthand. It’s their customers who are to use

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How to Tell the Customer He Is Wrong

As a business owner, I do whatever possible to make my customers happy. When they ask for a new feature, I get to work on the proposal right away, and will have it to them ASAP. If they wish to

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Why You Should Be Utilizing Software to Manage Your Fire Safety Plan

Without the aid of software, managing your Fire Safety & Emergency Plans on an ongoing basis would be a nightmare. Thankfully, with the help of online software, this task becomes not only less daunting, but quick, easy and almost effortless.

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The Personality of Emergency Management

Are leaders made or born? An age-old question that is sure to provoke debate for years to come. Great leaders are generally those who are regarded as having made not only the right call but also the tough decisions when

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