Month: July 2022

How Conversational AI Bridges the Gap for Retail Customers

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Along with many other things, the past two years of the pandemic have changed our consumer patterns, with 89% of shoppers expressing concerns about in-store shopping and proximity to other people.

All of a sudden, retailers were reduced to digital for a customer interaction channel, and while online retailers barely felt the

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BOOT BARN HOLDINGS, INC. Management’s Discussion and

The following discussion and analysis of the financial condition and results of
our operations should be read together with the unaudited financial statements
and related notes of Boot Barn Holdings, Inc. and Subsidiaries included in
Item 1 of this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q and with our audited financial
statements and the related notes


Table of Contents

included in

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Use recovery level objective to fine-tune BCDR response

Recovery level objective is a metric that defines the minimum resources an organization needs in the aftermath of a disruptive event. Resources required to recover and resume business operations to an acceptable level typically include people, processes, technology and facilities.

Setting goals for what constitutes a successful recovery is critical to disaster recovery planning and will vary greatly by

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Transforming Customer Service Starts With Voice AI

Philipp Heltewig, a visionary leader in conversational AI experiences, is the CEO and co-founder at Cognigy.

The voicebot revolution is in full force, and voice AI for customer service is taking flight. Voice has already woven itself into the fabric of our personal lives, putting pressure on enterprises to step up their game.

The extreme demands placed on

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