Customer Service

3 Ways Customer Support Tech Saves You Money

For customer care teams, a new McKinsey report paints a stark reality. They’re handling more calls than ever – with increasingly fewer agents. Leaders are looking for ways to maintain call capacity while driving down costs.

One solution: make sure teams have the right tech. With app-free visual support software, agents can efficiently diagnose customer concerns at scale. The result:

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How University Skills Can Lead to Outstanding Customer

Customer service plays an extremely important role in business today. Good customer service can help businesses to attract and retain customers.

It is essential to support customers before, during and after making a purchase. Good communication and problem-solving are just some of the core skills in providing great customer service. These are skills that university students have to master if

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Future-Proofing Your Brand on Black Friday and Beyond

Every year, Black Friday presents an opportunity for retailers to look beyond driving sales to acquire high-quality customers who keep coming back. But with the event now an almost month-long affair, knowing how to navigate this peak sales period can be tricky. 

To avoid a short-term spike in profit that quickly crashes, brands must prioritise engaging with consumers in

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How to Provide Customer Self-Service on Your Website

A website is one of the touchpoints where your customers can interact with your brand or business. It communicates all your products and services to them from a single click on your website.

Setting up a website that attracts traffic to your doorstep is a huge undertaking. You must first learn how to optimize the search engines and post relevant

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What Makes Cape Town Attractive to the International BPO

Cape Town CBD’s booming BPO industry remains an attractive support for UK, USA, Australian and some Western European companies wanting to streamline costs and manage risk in the face of rampant inflation and economic uncertainty. Above all, a global shortage of talent offers Cape Town’s youth incredible opportunities.

As the global economic outlook “darkens significantly”, according to International Monetary Fund

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Consumers Judge Brands Based on their Customer Service

New Calabrio Research: Consumers Judge Brands Based on their Customer Service Experience, but Brands are not Empowering Contact Centre Employees for Success

90% of managers think they are treating agents as brand guardians, yet only 33% of consumers agree.

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, has identified a direct correlation between contact centres, brand loyalty and brand revenue. The global

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