About The Vibrating Screen

Separating materials such as in the mineral processing or construction industries is an essential step in ensuring that only the right end material comes out. The process of separating or screening through is done by a vibrating screen or a vibrating feeder. These sieves apply the mechanism of vibrations where items and material are divided into grades depending on their sizes and weight. The main feature in the vibrating feeder is that moving, in that it carries elements with it as it screens them.

Vibration screening mechanism and process.

The machine has a motor that triggers vibrations; it also fitted with a screening surface media which facilitates the separation of particles and lastly both the engine and the surface media are held on a deck.

We have discussed that particles are separated based on their sizes, the density of the materials and gravitational force all play a crucial role in the screening process.

The critical physical features in the process are:

· Vibrations which are either sinusoidal or gyratory vibrations, Sinusoidal vibrations are those that take place on an inclined plane and the vibration motion is regulated through amplitude and frequency. On the other side, gyratory vibrations are on a leveled plane, and vibration motions are from side to side.

· Gravitational forces cause material to respond to the power of gravity acting on that particular particle when it has been thrown upwards in the vibration movement.

· Density is another factor that plays a vital role in this sort of screening. A separation follows categorizations of items depending on their density factor.

· The last physical features that affect screening by vibrations is electrostatic forces, and dry substances are more likely to be electrostatically charged thus sticking to the screening media surfaces, as compared to wet materials.

Some of the best features to consider in vibrating screen;

· It should have a high efficacy screening ability; materials do have to be returned from the collecting end due to poor sorting.

· It should be of low maintenance, therefore reducing the production cost. Machines that break down so often are unprofitable.

· Able to handle high capacity and still efficiently be reliable its processes

· The device should be durable both in its functions and its functioning parts.


To conclude on these vibration screening machines, it is of significant advantage that you only order from the well-recognized supplies, to avoid undergoing much expensive maintenance costs just because the devices are of poor quality are unable to handle the process well.