Continuity Disaster Recovery

London Data Centres and the Olympics

The London Olympics is fast approaching, and the city is already starting to show signs of strain where power is concerned. Much of London has already been subject to power shortages as a result of the Olympic build-up, and energy costs inside the M25 are now up to 30 percent higher than the rest of the country.

Naturally, many large,

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Benefits of Deploying a Mass Notification Solution In Your Organization

The need for affective, scalable and robust business continuity plan is a major requirement for organizations looking to sail smoothly during an emergency. Today, the extrinsic environment is more hostile due to escalated pugnacity and recurring natural disasters. We are not debating the causes and effects of emergency; but we do need a plan to get our business running whenever

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The Evil Influence of Money: Can Mankind Dispose Of the Concept of Money and Live In Peace?

Discovery of Money:

According to anthropological studies, the first discovery which changed man’s life and directed him to a better civilisation was ‘fire’. Then came the discovery of wheel. Fire changed his food system and wheel improved his transportation tremendously. Then man discovered hundreds and hundreds of machines to improve his lifestyle. He learnt to fly like a bird by

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