Marriage Banquets and How Vastu Influences Marriages

Vastu, is a very common name very well known by many of us. Vastu deals with the architectural science and guides how a building should be planned to channelize positive energy in lives. The main science behind vastu is based on the direction of buildings, things or materials used and other minor factors.

Vastu helps bring prosperity and positivity into living. It helps to eliminate the negative energies and enhance all the energies around us into positive. In current days life has become hectic and very much stressful and to overcome these stresses one needs positivity in life for sure. Energies around us in play a major role in our lives for which vastu aims to banish negative energies and enhance the positive once.

The role of direction in Vastu

Directions are the most important factor of Vastu Shastra. A building, thing or material which is placed according to proper vastu direction helps to enhance living, bring prosperity, peace, good health and wealth for the people living. There are total eighth directions which are also called cardinal points I.e N-North, NE- North East, S- South, SE- South East, E- East, SW- South West, W- West, NW- North West. Direction and vastu are two faces of a coin they can never be parted and both connect each other.

Vastu and marriage

Vastu and marriage are somewhat or the other linked together. We know that your partner for life is always fixed but to have a smooth and healthy living with your partner there are many other factors which contribute. For a smooth and healthy living, vastu Shastra can do wonders to bring in positivity, love, and affection in you and you loved once.

Vastu is said to be a magnetic energy which contributes in enhancing healthy relation and sustain living. It helps to receive blessings from God and make the entire area positive. Most of the people now a days follow vastu shastra before building anything or doing any ritual etc.

Vastu and marriage halls

Like many ceremonies, marriage is a very important point for anyone’s life and most of the people demand for a healthy and happy living with their partner. People usually consisted halls which are big, spacious and beautiful but there are other factors also which needs to be taken care of and play an important role in the marriage ceremony. Marriage ceremonies need proper planning, designing and placing of props and stuff to bring in positivity among the people.

You might have always seen many banquet businesses don’t prosper much and fail later on. Have you ever thought why this happens? This is because of the Vastu defect the marriage halls have. While building halls people usually ignore vastu which later on contribute in the downfall of their business. Thus Vastu and marriage halls are integrally connected with each other.

Vastu for marriage halls

Marriage is a onetime event and people are celebrating the onetime event lavishly. A well built vastu marriage hall helps in bringing positivity and love in the bride and groom as well as people present there.

Points to keep in mind while selecting marriage hall:

• Plot/Shape- The shape of marriage halls should be always regular for example square or rectangle. Avoid round or oval shapes. A regular shape is said to contribute in bringing balance and consistency in living life.

• Stage- The stage of the marriage halls should be always placed in the west so that the couple sitting can face the east direction. This enhances love and brings positivity among the couple.

• Sitting arrangement- The sitting arrangement for guest is ideal in South West or North. This helps to enhance positivity and happiness among the people visiting the event.

• Mnadap- The location for mandap should always be arranged in North East as it is said to be NorthEast corner which is also called the God’s corner while the fire must be burned in South East corner.

• Entrance- The entry of marriage halls should be on East or North Direction only. These directions are said to bring flow of positive energy.

• Electrical settings-Electrical settings like music system, generator, transformer, dance floor etc should be located in south-east direction. By placing them in these directing it helps to make them function properly with any causality or issues.

• Kitchen and cooking- The arrangements for cooking should be made in south-east direction. The South East direction helps to save money on food. While directions like North and East increases expenditure, tensions and quarrels and many times contribute in accidents.

• The arrangement of food- The arrangement of food should be made in North or North West direction.

• Parking space- The parking space of marriage halls should be situated in North West or South east direction. This helps in safe travel, increases wealth and money etc.

• Toilets- The toilets for guest should be on North-west or west. It helps in no0t bringing health issues and financial issues etc.

• Staircase- The staircase of marriage halls if any should be placed in south, West or South West as per Vastu principles.

Thus all these small details help in contributing a successful as well as a prosperous marriage. vastu might seem a small thing but according to studies and research, it plays a very important role in life. Vastu helps to eliminate negative energies from entering marriage life and making it reach to divorce, separation, quarrels or anything negative.

Vastu is not only important for places we live in but also for any other arrangements we make. No one would wish for negative vibes to enter in their life or spoils the whole event. Thus considering the Vastu Shastra before selecting marriage halls is important. One can easily select the perfect marriage halls by keeping in mind the above-mentioned vastu direction for a perfect marriage hall. Vastu Shastra plays a great role in bringing stability, positive vibes, loves, wealth, prosperity and build the special bond among your loved once.

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