3D Visualization Interior Design

3D Visualization Interior Design is a living image to achieve the goal of supporting the appeal while providing a visual to the client. In the world of architecture and interior design the use of 3D visualization on design results is very common and can provide an overview of the final shape of the house or interior shape that has been designe by the architect or interior designer.

3D visualization in the world of architecture and interiors is to create accurate images that resemble photographs using computer-based applications. In the early stages of architectural and interior design using technical drawings for floor plans that have been arrange according to the space requirements and wishes of the client.

After the plan or layout is appropriate

Proceed with making room formations such as floor walls to ceilings in the design. Then do the modeling of furniture and interior elements in the room. After the room  fille with modeling, material  given according to the modeling, for example, the color of the walls, the material of the fabric on the sofa, the type of wood use on the table, to the type of fabric on the carpet.

The next stage is providing lighting in the design space and location, from the direction of sunlight, indoor lights and artificial light to interior decoration. Arriving at the final stage of making 3-dimensional visualization, namely setting rendering and rendering into 1 visual image that matches the design. Interior 3D rendering applications using design software such as AutoCAD, 3DsMax, Vray to Blender3D are some of the applications often use by architects and interior designers.

Sometimes they need to work with more than one software to get the desired effect, such as adding plug-ins so that the rendering results are closer to the original (realistic rendering). This application also provides modeling and materials that allow the designer to make changes to the design if desired by the client. This brings us to the first advantage of using interior rendering services in interior design.

The ultimate goal is to develop illustrations in the form of 3D modeling designs so that consumers’ wishes can realized through visualization of 3D designs to create media. Because by doing 3D visualization, the design results are close to reality (reality). Second, 3d visualization shows proportions that are in accordance with reality and also we can create views from various angles according to our needs and desires to see the virtual room.