Exhibition Stand Builders

How to choose a reliable exhibition stand builder?
Choosing a reliable and experience exhibition stand builder is the most crucial task for the exhibiting company. But often it is seen that even the most successful organizations fail to find out and select the right exhibition stand design and construction services provider. Therefore, after a rigorous and lengthy research we have come up with the 5 most important factors while choosing an exhibition stand builder, these 5 factors will not only help organizations to find the sincere exhibition booth builder but to achieve their desired objectives.

1. In-house facilities: There is no shortage of the organizations that claim to offer the best exhibition stand design and construction services across India. However, very a few organizations have the proper set-up or organized in-house facilities, hence, these organizations solely depend on their vendors and are on their mercy, if anything goes wrong, these organization are not in the position to provide an immediate solution even to a very small problem which is not even a problem to an exhibition stand builder having an in-house facilities. Panache Exhibitions Private Limited is almost a decade old exhibition stall design and build services provider organization having a clientele of more the eight hundred organizations of great repute, these organization trust and rely upon Panache Exhibitions for any of their requirements related to the exhibition stand design and construction services. Panache Exhibitions Private Limited has three world class state-of-the-art workshops or manufacturing units capable of creating and delivering any highly customized exhibition stand design across India.

2. Number of client and projects delivered: The success on an organization can be judged on the basis of the number of their clients and the projects that it has delivered across India or globe. The exhibiting company must check the number of actual projects delivered at the different locations by the exhibition stand builder selected by them for the exhibition stall and construction services, the more the projects and avenue the booth builder have built the more reliable it is. The list of clients ensures that the exhibition stand builder they are considering to award their project is a reliable service provider, further, the number of projects delivered reflects the true capabilities of the exhibition booth builder and likely the service provider is going to deliver the project on time. The success of the exhibition booth design and its construction, further, depends on the timely delivery of the projects and that is too without any hassle because the ultimate goal of the exhibition stand builder is just no to provide the exhibition stand design service but also the peace of mind to the clients.

3. Design Studio: A design studio is the place where the bespoke exhibition stand designs are being created, it is the powerhouse of the creativity, a proper design studio is the playground of the creativity. A proper design team ensure that it understand the clients requirements, and objectives to achieve by the mean of the exhibiting. A good design team listens to the client, understand what they are try to achieve, do a proper research about the line of business of the clients, its offerings like products and services, its competitors and other factors. After a detailed research the design team start working on the design, a bespoke design that has all the essential elements which will make the design a visual treat to the visitors and a grand success for the exhibiting company. Panache Exhibitions has a team of 3D – Design, Graphic Design, our wizards are ready to take any challenge to create a highly customized booth for our valued clients. Our design team is a combination of designers having a cumulative experience of more than 25 years of experience of designing the world class.

4. Project Management Team: Creating an awe-inspiring 3D exhibition stand design and transforming that bespoke design into reality is altogether a different story. Constructing or installing the actual design is what is known as the most difficult and crucial job for any of the exhibition stand builder and this is the phase of exhibition stand design cycle where most of the organizations fail. A solid, experience and highly skilled project management team is the backbone of a well-known. A well experienced team is always well prepared and they take all the minute factors into consideration while they are at the exhibition ground constructing the design. The Project management team at Panache exhibitions private limited is very well prepared and well-coordinated, therefore, they are always full of confident to deliver multiple exhibition stall design project in one single exhibition. The project management team at Panache exhibitions is always at its toes to convert any project into a beautiful and peaceful experience for the client and as well as for the visitors.

5. Support Services: Designing a customized stand and constructing that design is not all that a client requires. Every client has different requirements such as Logistic Services, Promotional Products, and Interpreters