Don’t Quit Architecture. Quit Your Job?

Every now and then, a question arises in mind of most of the architects, “Should I quit architecture?”. And this is probably the reason why you reading this article.

Before we proceed further let me tell you a story. After doing my schooling, I was not sure about which way to go. This was probably because I don’t want to do engineering like the crowd does. So, I gave the paper on architecture as it was looking like a smooth career path. Maybe I was clear in my thoughts that the whole process would be quite easy. And my thought gained a pace when I qualified the entrance test in a renowned college. But what happened next? Although I was able to manage the placements in the best architect company in Delhi, there was always something in my mind. “Am I at the right place”, “Is this the job that I was born for” and a lot more.

Believe me, this is not the story of just one being, it is becoming common nowadays, and from here the whole drama starts. From the very beginning we have to look for the reasons that despite having a great architecture degree and skills, why most of the people think of quitting their jobs. Let’s discuss.

1.Maybe your idea of becoming an architect was wrong!!

As mentioned earlier, most of the people think of opting architecture as a career option because they are afraid of the traditional engineering path. If you are the one doing the same, then it’s time to be clear in the very starting of the career.

Be transparent about your skills and what you actually want to do in your life. In my opinion, if we cut out the roots first, the dilemma tree would never be supposed to grow.

2. Maybe your income is not up to the mark!!

After all, every individual is working for the suitable income, and if it doesn’t happen, the above question is obvious. Are you earning more income to be profitable? What more can you earn and how would you achieve it?

If you are running an architect business then first ask yourself, ” Are you able to make at least that much of what you invested”, ” Whether you are up to the customer satisfaction” and a lot more.

3. Are you expecting much, before the time?

And yes, this the most obvious thinking. We begin to expect more from our business before the time. How would something be so fruitful in the initial period? You also jump from one project to another for the sake of doing better all the time without completing the first one. And if the next one doesn’t reap for you, it would lead to disappointment. Just be firm of your decisions my friend!!

4. Maybe your resume is not what a company needs

We are always perfect according to ourselves, but this may not be the case that applies in every scenario. It might be a factor that your company wants something else other than what is mentioned there in the resume or the company might not be hiring the individuals.

These are some of the factors that might really influence your decisions, but quitting a job is never the solution. So, what could be done to avoid this?

• Make your application strong as it is one of the obvious reasons for rejection. You must include these three factors in your application.

• Cover Letter
• Resume
• Sample Portfolio

Regarding architecture portfolios, for potential employment, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer but generally, you should have at least two portfolios.

• Make your application relevant and definite

Kindly share your potentials what you really carry. Don’t do much of show off as you certainly be caught for this in the interview. For example, if you are having experience in making pottery, then don’t go for the gold idols.

It might lead you the wrong place and further regret in your decisions.

• Make your experience a good fit for the company

In other words, how does your education, work experience, skills, and qualifications align with not only the position they are looking to fill but also the company culture?

• Focus on correcting your skills instead of just quitting.

The very thing that can save you from quitting the architecture job is to focus on the skills. Improve the one you already have and try to implement the new ones too. Don’t be in the rush because everyone is doing so, do because it matters to you. You can look for some of the
Interior design company in Delhi that are doing well.

• Learn what is trending

Knowing the trends is very important in today’s era. It helps you to know what the market wants from you and pose yourself accordingly. This is the thumb rule to make your career as a great architecture.

And finally, I would like to conclude by saying, ” Whatever good things we build, end up building us”. Thanks!!