Customer Service

How Conversational AI Bridges the Gap for Retail Customers

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Along with many other things, the past two years of the pandemic have changed our consumer patterns, with 89% of shoppers expressing concerns about in-store shopping and proximity to other people.

All of a sudden, retailers were reduced to digital for a customer interaction channel, and while online retailers barely felt the

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Transforming Customer Service Starts With Voice AI

Philipp Heltewig, a visionary leader in conversational AI experiences, is the CEO and co-founder at Cognigy.

The voicebot revolution is in full force, and voice AI for customer service is taking flight. Voice has already woven itself into the fabric of our personal lives, putting pressure on enterprises to step up their game.

The extreme demands placed on

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Mobile phone service complaints to telecommunication

Mobile phone service providers are failing to provide adequate coverage and are selling consumers products they cannot use, according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. 

A report

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Customer and employee experience: The new normal

In fact, Pew Research found that a full 86% of respondents to a survey about post-pandemic life expect the pandemic to have lasting effects on everyday experiences. In the context of retail and ecommerce, more people expect to shop online post-covid than ever before—even for unconventional products and services, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). On the workplace front,

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Top 10 Tips For E-Commerce Financial Services

Digitalization is the name of the game for modern businesses, so more companies require financial services. As a forward-thinking business leader, you may already be using online financial services or “fintech.” However, catching up on the trends is not enough.

You want to ensure your company has the best setup for online financial services. Otherwise, you might not be taking

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Seven Ways To Create A Content Experience

Content marketing is a sound strategy. Using email, texting and social media, companies and brands are taking advantage of an effective way to connect with customers. Most companies use content to deliver value-added information that gets customers excited about what they

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