Customer Service

4 Benefits of System Integration for Businesses

Although business connections are vital in today’s climate, the same applies to a business’s applications.

Many businesses start with a handful of essential applications and accumulate more as their business expands in scope, size, and operations. Adding more applications can become complex or even disastrous if their moving parts aren’t compatible.

While implementing a universal solution to handle all the

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6 Rules to Communicate with Customers More Effectively

If you do not adequately train your employees in customer service, it could bring many problems to your business.

By giving the team detailed information about your products or services and setting a standard, your employees will become more productive and efficient in advising customers and solving issues.

The communication needs to be quick, effective, and polite at the same

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How AI Can Help Tackle Your CX

Artificial intelligence can improve both the employee and customer experience in several major ways.

As the labor shortage in the customer service industry continues, customers’ expectations are becoming more rigorous. In a recent survey, 90% of consumers said that getting an immediate response to their customer service questions is important or very important. Most respondents also indicated that a slow

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The Future of CX & Customer Service?

AI-driven voice technology allows companies to improve customer and employee experience alike. But is it something customers want?

Voice-recognition applications are nothing new, but artificial intelligence-driven digital voice brings a level of sophistication to the table that has been unheard of before.

Whereas most people do not like using interactive voice response (IVR) technology (“For English, press 1. For Spanish,

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Time to Step Up and Provide Proactive CX

The digital experience is not keeping up with the needs of B2B buyers and customers. They want B2C-like experiences. Can you deliver?

Customer experience is about designing the right experience, actively working to understand customer needs before they tell you, and supporting the back-end processes and employees who deliver those experiences.

That is oversimplifying customer experience, but for the sake

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