CAD Conversion Services With High Precision & Quality

Paper to CAD conversion services are required by construction professionals. CAD specialists recreate the final output from paper drawings into CAD formats such as dwg, dgn, dxf and more. The scanning process is customized to match drawing requirement. Heads up digitizing is used for better raster to vector conversion for any specific set of drawings. Moreover, quick conversion of hand-sketches to CAD format is offered through manual redrafting of drawings.

Let’s check out a few CAD Conversion services in this regard:

• Electrical Plans – Electrical plans help to serve the utility industry such as power generation plants, refineries, food manufacturing and other production units across the world with electrical needs. Typical drawings for the project include power distribution layout, lighting system layout, audio visual design layout, security system plan, circuit breaker diagram, wiring and panel diagram, site plans, cable drawings, substation drawings and more.

• Floor Plan Layout – Floor plan layouts help to visualize the entire working process of room and floor. Consequently, layout changes can be made such as wall removal, additional bathroom installation and more. Floor plan layout drawings are mostly helpful to people from mechanical, electrical and architectural trades.

• As-Built Drawings -As-Built drawings are created by revising original design drawings, reflecting changes in varied fields. Changes in design are made by modifying component relocation for coordination, rerouting distribution system and various other reasons. As-built drawings are necessary during project remodeling or leased space change. Moreover, there could be other reasons such as historic preservation, asset management, emergency plan and other purpose. CAD drafters create As-built drawings for commercial as well as residential projects. Floor plans, evacuation plans, surveys and a host of other as-built services are offered by CAD drafters.

• Fire Evacuation Maps – Fire evacuation plan guides on the quickest way to fire exit and fire extinguisher location and fire call points for maintaining proper building safety. CAD service providers offer proficient fire evacuation maps to engineers as well as safety layout contractors. Code compliant evacuation maps are offered to hospitals, educational, residential, shopping malls and industrial buildings. Incompetent evacuation can lead to injury and property damage. Hence, while developing an emergency action plan, the conditions are determined under which an evacuation would be necessary. Specific evacuation process such as routes, exits, apt respirators and other factors are considered. Fire evacuation map CAD services include fire safety plans, safety equipment layout plan, emergency evacuation maps and more. Home builders, educational institutes, contractors, shopping malls and hospitals are benefitted from this CAD conversion service.

• Legacy Drawing – Legacy conversion service helps to convert hard copy drawings to legacy software format, facilitating clients to achieve cost savings. Bulk drawing conversion services are offered to various sectors including power and chemical plants, refineries, food production & water treatment plants, hospitals, educational facilities and more.

Seek an expert CAD drafting company offering CAD conversion services for construction and renovation projects and customize drawings to meet your specifications.