The Importance of Data Backup and Recovery Solutions in All Sized Businesses

Data loss can be very costly to any size business. These days where companies rely on the internet and computers on a daily basis, downtime can cost you thousands in the long run.

In fact, over seventy percent of companies that have data loss will close their doors within a year. This means that you need to pay close attention to your data backup and recovery solutions to reduce the risk of your company taking a setback in the event of a disaster.

A disaster doesn’t mean a hurricane or tornado, the biggest cause of data loss is hardware failure followed by simple human error, the next is software corruption and computer viruses. Having a good data backup and recovery solution in place enables you tor cover all the information quickly and easily.

A network that is down costs you more than having no internet, no website or no ecommerce shop bringing in money, it also affects every aspect of your business from orders to client information all the way down to payroll. Many companies are not aware of the consequences of not following a data cover plan, this results in over forty percent of companies around the world not doing backup regularly, which in the case of a disaster could leave them months, if not years behind.

Without adequate data backup and recovery solutions your customer service can suffer. Staff who are trying to access information which has been lost will be unable to provide your customers with immediate high quality service. As everyone knows, these days so much attention is paid to service, in addition to quality of product. Not being able to provide outstanding service can result in you losing a big contract or losing a customer that could have brought thousands in revenue to your business each year.

Another serious consideration is that without data backup and recovery solutions, in the event of losing valuable information and data, you will take a significant step back in time. Depending on when you last did a backup will determine how far back into the past your data and information will go. With regular backup solutions, your systems are constantly uploading files to the cloud, which means that worst case, you will be set back a few minutes to an hour.

What so many companies don’t realise is how costly it can be to lose valuable data. Whether it’s your client files or recent orders, whether it’s information and pricing on all your products, each element is important to ensure that you run your business smoothly. Having products with no prices or losing information on all your customers can lead to costly delays, costing you thousands in the long run.

Without a good data backup and recovery solution, your business will suffer and it won’t just suffer in terms of revenue. You will find the business will suffer in all aspects of daily running. Most companies these days cannot afford to suffer from this loss, especially relying on technology to such a degree to operate smoothly on a daily basis. If you think about it, every aspect of your business will rely on the internet and computers from your reception staff to your order processing departments to your accounts department.

Remember that while you may have good intentions and follow strict back up procedures, your data backup and recovery solutions should be stored offsite and never onsite. Offsite reduces the risk should your building be a victim of disaster, such as a fire, which can result in you losing all that information kept onsite.