Sellist: Select Your List, Build Your Business and Connect With People


Sellist is a service oriented social network that operates via website. The Sellist website was founded in September 2017.This service is mainly used for creating a platform for unemployment sector, including creating own online business, posting a deal, having discussions or doing online trade. Sellist global headquartered at United Kingdom & Sri Lanka. Sellist can be accessed by desktops, laptops and smartphones over internet and mobile networks. Sellist allows users to create profiles indicating their name, education, occupation and create network with other users. It allows users to create check buying and selling items, deals, events and online discussion.Users can invite anyone into Sellist and make network.

List your events

Invite a group of people for celebration, create an event in sellist for social, educational, sports, career, corporate or fundraising event. Gather the public by posting live updates about your event in sellist. You can increase your invitees by sharing your event in sellist with other people. Once you publish public event in sellist, a relationship will be created with people by listing your events in event category and allowing any sellist user to attend your event via sellist. Create your brand and recognition by sending daily updates about your event by posting photos and videos.

List your Discussions

You want to find an answer? List a question at sellist discussion and click post. Find your answers instantly. Many people will gather around sellist daily, make sure you pop out your question and share it with sellist users, your question will receive many answers with voting. You can select the top answer with highest voting.

List you’re trading

The first civilization thrived on exchanging goods and services through the barter system, but with the development of currency, trading became what it is known as today. The buying and selling of goods and services. Today the word profit became synonymous with trade. You can buy low and sell high, make profit. And this is the basic principle which governs the economy of the world.
Sellist allows the users to buy and sell what it wants at the click of a button, trading has become that simple with growing usage of internet and creation of global market place. In sellist a user can buy and sell their products or services by listing them in trade. The post will be listed in sellist and can be seen by a larger crowd. You can receive likes, shares or comments about item you’re going to sell. Make your item description attractive to sell faster.

Create a Display

Anyone and everyone who has a desire to earn money can engage themselves in creating a Display. There is no formal qualification need (read our terms & conditions), it can be a quick and simple way of generating large gathering with minimal efforts. It can be the ultimate form of self-employment. You can start your own business with click of a button. Create a display at sellist for your business, brand or personality.

Display offers the flexibility that no other form of employment can provide, you have your own company without any expenses therefore you only need to expose your business by posting latest updates about your display, listing a deal, share a discussion or posting a trading.

Follow your career

The choice of career will vastly depend on the individual’s preference of lifestyle, today it is not as simple as making your preference and stitching to a job. It has become a norm for the younger generation to make a minimum of five career changes before settling down.

Sellist helps to get to know yourself better, your preferences, skills and abilities and values. Understanding the risks and opportunities involved in the work environment. Making informed decisions. Sellist helps how to progress in your choice of career.