Should Marketing Be a Factor in Selecting a General Contractor?

As an owner, you struggle to identify the premier general contractors (GC) in a very crowded playing field where many of the players look the same on the surface. You most likely have several criteria that you look at before

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Here’s How Shipping Container Homes Help the Environment

It is a great thing that people are becoming highly concerned about the environment and the planet. There are stringent efforts taken by people to take care of the planet in all aspects. With the increased awareness about the environment,

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How Outsourcing Architectural Processes Can Boost UK Retail

Beautiful on the outside and enticing on the inside, Britain’s retail spaces have two clear objectives to fulfill – lure customers in and close the sale. Structures housing retail merchandise follow certain rules and processes and require accurate and effective

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BIM Design Vs Traditional 2D Design

Technological advances versus the traditional – it’s an age-old dilemma. Which one is better? Well, in the case of the BIM design versus traditional 2D design debate, even traditionalists are voting for the evident benefits of BIM design using architectural

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Roof Design Drafting – Revit/AutoCAD?

They have the strangest names – gable, hip, jerkinheads, clerestory, saw-tooth, witch’s hats, karahafu, mansard, rainbow, butterfly, satari and many more. No, they’re not a list of insect species. They are the names of different styles of roofs. Though the

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HR Outsourcing: A Start-Up Silver Bullet

If you are considering a start-up, you may want to avoid the hassles, headaches, and burdens involved in building out your HR infrastructure.

The big guys are doing it!

As recently as the early 90’s HR outsourcing was a very

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