Online Payroll Processing – Benefits for Employees and Employers

Years ago, the word payroll was associated with laborious work hour calculations done late into the night by hand to meet paycheck deadlines. Even then, HR and payroll personnel sometimes failed to get the job done by their deadline. As a result, employees had to wait extra days for their paycheck and whether they met their deadline or not, the manual processing often produced results that were inaccurate. The work place is far more efficient these days thanks to the arrival of online payroll processing software. In this article we’ll discuss the benefits of online payroll for both employers and employees.

Problems associated with manual payroll are not just limited to time consumption only but it involves a great deal of money. An organization that employs 20 or more staff has to spend considerable revenue on the process by setting up payroll departments. Today,payroll processing companies have transformed the scenario with wages being paid in a timely fashion. Checks are a thing of the past with salaries being paid via online transactions, and employees can access their payroll tax information online anytime they want.

Perhaps the best feature provided by an online payroll processing service is that it can provide direct deposit facilities for employees’ bank accounts. A worker no longer has to wait for the arrival of a check, then deposit it and wait again for it to be cleared. In fact, some payroll processing companies have taken it to a whole new level by introducing payroll debit cards. With this service, workers have access to the funds the very minute they are transferred.

If we take a look at what employers stand to gain from switching to online services, we find even more benefits. For example, employers do not need to dedicate a whole department to paying their employees on time. An online payroll processing service gets the job done quickly and error free. In addition, it can further assist employers in tasks like filing payroll tax information.

Some employers may be reluctant to switch to payroll processing companies with concerns over the security of their sensitive data. They can be rest assured that all of their payroll and tax data is completely secure and stored on servers with enhanced security features. Yet one more reason to take advantage of online payroll services – they can help save revenues and help employees get paid on time with no errors.