Everyone Should Have a Secure Data Backup and Recovery System

Security breaches happen on a daily basis. Hackers and scammers target large corporations, individuals and small businesses all in the hopes of scoring sensitive data. There are even large online markets dedicated to the purchasing of illegally retrieved credit card information.

The problem is widespread and now someone sitting in a dank warehouse in Mongolia could manage to stead information from someone in New York City. Interestingly enough, many scammers and hackers do not need to employ some elaborate means of retrieving information from a target.

The target typically invites the scammers into their e-lives unknowingly. In one of the most high-profile data breaches in history, celebrities had their iCloud systems hacked. What was unique about the situation however, was that many of them gave the hackers their login and passwords inadvertently

Although one may be thinking that it was bound to happen because they are celebrities and anyone can find out enough information on the web to answer their security questions, many non-celebrities put their lives on the Internet where anyone can access their information as well.

An increasing number of businesses and individuals are conducting their affairs entirely online and with a computer. Criminals know this and target people, government offices and businesses with the express intention of gleaning sensitive information and personal data.

Data breaches and personal information must be protected. One can begin with employing a secure firewall and installing the best antivirus system possible. Then one needs to have a secure data backup and recovery system in place in case of a potential breach or a disaster that destroys a company’s systems.

Thieves like to target businesses because they expect at least one of two items will be on the premises, valuable computers and money. Since more and more businesses have less cash on them, since more people are paying for their purchases with debit cards and credit cards, criminals usually opt to steal a company’s computers.

Thus, an entire bank of information can be wiped out in one night if a business does not have a sound backup system. External hard drives are a good start, however, if they are kept at the same location, which many are, there is a large chance that they will be stolen as well.

The best backup and recovery option is hiring a cloud service. Now, society has become a bit wary of cloud recovery services, however, these services are more secure than the system which had the celebrity pictures stored. Cloud based storage units are light years ahead of what many people use to store pictures and videos.

The system is more advanced and has capabilities to hold massive amounts of information as well as restore it. Cloud technology is the best method for large and small businesses because in cases of theft or a disaster, a designated person can download the information to a secure computer and have a business back on track.

Natural disasters happen. Cities will be flooded, hurricanes will hit and tornadoes will destroy large swaths of land. Yet those businesses using a secure, cloud service will be able to restore the important components of their companies in no time.

The faster a company can have its core operational abilities restored, the better their bottom line. A natural disaster or large data breach can permanently put a company out of business if it takes too long for them to resume operations.

Having a completely secure backup and restoration service means a company can resume a semblance of normal operations in as little as a few hours. Time is of the essence during tough times and the company that can last through it all will come out the victor.