Employee Time Tracking Software For Office Workers

When you are looking for the technology to keep up with today’s mobile workforce, there are helpful tools that are specifically made for these types of situations. With advancement in timekeeping technologies, you can enjoy the benefits that a fast, simple and highly effective telephone employee time tracking system can offer. Because the system can pay for itself in the saved payroll labor costs of calculating payroll information, purchasing time cards and the time padding tricks that employees use, the system is virtually a no-cost solution to control payroll costs and lower administrative costs associated with timekeeping.

There are web-based, telephone timekeeping systems that can be an effective employee time tracking tool that is simple to use because off-site workers can use a toll-free number to clock in and dial the same toll-free number to clock out. This allows you to have payroll records that are easily accessed and complete, with time and attendance information on your off-site workers, whenever you need the information. When it comes to employee time tracking for a mobile workforce, telephone timekeeping can dramatically increase efficiency, while making your company more profitable through lower payroll processing costs.

It is simple to implement this type of employee time tracking system because there is no special equipment, software or downloads to be concerned with. Your company is given a dedicated log-in page that works in every time zone and can be used with the major Internet browsers. You can sign in from any computer that has Internet access and view or print the time and attendance information you need to process payroll. You don’t need to wait until the end of pay periods to retrieve payroll information, in the event you need estimates for budget planning.

Some of the features offered with employee time tracking using telephone timekeeping include unlimited clock in and out ability, (for those that track breaks and lunch), and location tracking, unusual time detection, voice authentication and alerts are part of the security measures built into the system. Project clocking, running work time, voice reports and edit requests are other convenient timekeeping features that are incorporated into the telephone timekeeping system. Data exporting, daily backups and scheduling features offer other convenience factors, which protect data, give you the information you need and help you avoid scheduling conflicts, among other things that this type of timekeeping system offers.

Because employee time tracking is recorded with 100% accuracy, there is no discrepancy on the hours that employees worked and you are in total control of the employee time tracking system because you can retrieve time card data anytime you need to. The system helps you avoid the time-consuming calculations, which can lead to mistakes and you don’t have to worry about false reporting of hours or buddy punching, which can cost your company thousands of dollars a year. One of the leading telephone timekeeping systems Call The Time saves your business operations to control your ongoing labor costs. When employees are not punctual or take too much time off, overall productivity suffers, and so does your bottom line. Call The Time records all of your employee movements at every location easily and accurately. The result is less waste and more profit.