Benefits of Effortless Tax Filing

Tax season is right around the corner, and many people are starting to think about not only filing their own taxes, but also about their employees taxes. For instance, those who employ household workers are subject to a particular set of tax laws, with which other employers do not have to comply. This can cause significant disruption for a person’s daily routine, and might cause tax-related stress and headaches, merely from thinking about having to file taxes of two different forms. Many people wish there was an effortless way to file their taxes, especially if they have to deal with different tax laws for different forms.

Fortunately, for those employers of household workers, such effortless tax filing is possible. A “household worker” generally refers to anyone who is employed in a household, and is paid through the homeowner. This might be a nanny, babysitter, caretaker, chef, gardener, butler, maid, cleaning person, or other household worker. In any case, sometimes it can be a much less stressful option to have the taxes of these employees stored and filed for you, without troubling your own busy schedule.

What You Shouldn’t Have to Worry About

Many tax services promise a reduction of your workload during tax season, but this does not mean that you are removed from responsibility. In fact, in many of these cases, it turns out that the employer is still held responsible for a lot of aspects of their taxes and those of their employees. But you should not have to busy yourself with:

  • Proper archiving of employees’ taxes
  • Online records and management of payroll
  • making or missing important IRS deadlines
  • abrupt changes in IRS tax laws
  • tax remittance
  • Year-end processing of tax information

Each of these concerns should be addressed when one is filing taxes, but as a busy employer of household workers, you might simply lack the time that needs to be devoted to these important issues. But your time is important too, which is why allowing a different tax service, one that is well qualified and familiar with IRS tax law regarding household workers, can be beneficial in a number of ways.

The best reason to consult with an experienced tax service about your potential for effortless tax filing is that such a consultation can result in the elimination of the worry and stress that comes with this busy time of year. Now, you can allow a tax expert to handle your finances and those of your employees, without worrying that you are making a critical tax error that might result in an IRS action.