Benefits of Deploying a Mass Notification Solution In Your Organization

The need for affective, scalable and robust business continuity plan is a major requirement for organizations looking to sail smoothly during an emergency. Today, the extrinsic environment is more hostile due to escalated pugnacity and recurring natural disasters. We are not debating the causes and effects of emergency; but we do need a plan to get our business running whenever there is an emergency.

A business continuity plan primarily initiates with laying down a policy for certain scenarios. The policy further evolves into a set of rules that need to be followed whenever there is an emergency or contingency. The first policy, for any affective and utilizable business continuity plan, is deployment of a communication mechanism that ensures immediate notification to the correct recipients with enriched and exact details of any emergency that might occur or is currently happening.

Effective, correct and enriched emergency communication is the foundation of an organization’s business plan. A mass notification solution is what you need to get timely communication across the board and fulfill the communication part of your continuity plan.

Here are some benefits of deploying a comprehensive mass notification solution in your organization:


Timeliness is a core factor when a communique is initiated during an emergency. A sophisticated mass notification solution enables the alert dispatchers to create alert templates in advance and send them as soon as the emergency arises. For instance, a server downtime can be communicated via a one-way emergency alerting solution to the customer services representatives so they can handle the inbound customer inquiries effectively.

Confidence in Your Organization:

With a mass notification alerting solution in-place, your organization gets the investor and employee confidence boost. An investor is always worried about its stakes in your organizations and with a business continuity plan that ensures smooth operations during turbulent times; the confidence level of your organization’s investor is bound to escalate. Similarly, your employees will feel safe and secure in presence of a continuity plan and solution.

Post and Pre-emergency Management:

Every emergency comes embedded with its own life cycle. There are pre-emergency scenarios where a disaster or crises are likely to happen followed by during-the-crises and aftermath scenarios. An emergency alerting solution allows your organization to prepare for all these plots in advance giving you ample time to tackle the critical situations in process followed by the aftermath.


Many organizations in the US are bound to comply with a set of rules and regulations laid down by their state and / or federal governments. Most of the mass notification solutions are CAP and NFPA 72 compliant and their presence is necessary by law in certain organizations to carry out commercial operations.