All About Steel Bridges

In the construction industry, one of the standard features is bridges. They are majorly constructed to link up two parts of a passage such as a road that has been cut across by a river or a deep valley. In the rail road constructions, the passage is made in a way that the entire tracks are on the same level hence many bridges are made to cover the difference in land terrain. There are various types of bridges depending on the material used to construct them and the primary purpose of the bridge, the technique used, etc.

The different materials that can be used include; concrete, steel, wooden, reinforced concrete and brick or stones. All this, are used in the construction, depending on their availability and the purpose of the bridge. Bridges can also be differentiated by their lengths such as the short and the long distance major bridges. Another factor that is the level of the bridge, for example, we have the high and the low leveled bridges.

Steel made are more common because of their durable nature as compared to other rustable metal, also, its capacity to withstand heavy weight. In the long distance span bridges, steel can be used together with concrete to build strong.

The Different Types of Steel Bridges.

· The steel beam, it is constructed in a way that steel girders are used to support the entire bridge from below.

· Truss steel, there are many triangular steel components interconnected to form the entire bridge. This is a common phenomenon in the long distance high-level bridges.

· Steel Arched, they are constructed in an arched manner where by the support is at the two ends of the bridge.

· The suspended type, the entire bridge is built on a surface material and reinforced with steel structures and then suspended using steel cables.

· Cantilever steel bridge uses the same technique as the beam one, but the beams used are mainly centralized thus offering support at different portions of the whole structure.


For constructor to be able to come up with the right type of bridge to be built, various matters should be considered regarding the use and the site of the bridge. The best engineer should be consulted in the designing and building of the bridge to come up with a strong structure. The environmental factors also, play a major role in the construction processes, they, therefore, need to be considered. The hiring of the best construction company will ensure all these matters are put into consideration.