Plan for disaster recovery – Jamaica Observer

No organisation is immune to the potential risk of disruption to its operation. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely experienced significant disruption to your business. Or maybe you’re just concerned about what could happen if a disaster or a malicious

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Forensic Architecture asks if analysis hold power to account

Architects sometimes achieve recognition without having completed their first building. Most, however, do want to build something, speculatively entering competitions, wooing clients and proposing projects until their big break comes. Eyal Weizman doesn’t have ambitions to design an opera house, … Read More

Time to Step Up and Provide Proactive CX

The digital experience is not keeping up with the needs of B2B buyers and customers. They want B2C-like experiences. Can you deliver?

Customer experience is about designing the right experience, actively working to understand customer needs before they tell you,

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