Continuity Disaster Recovery

Breaking Up Amazon Into 613,300 Pieces

Concentrated wealth/power in the hands of a few at the expense of the many undermines any legitimate claim of democracy (i.e. a government of the people, by the people, for the people). And the problem of billionaires buying government access/influence has become a major political issue ever since Bernie Standers made it the centerpiece of his 2016 Presidential run.


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Tips for Laying of Workers During a Crisis

Is Redundancy Necessary?

The public is lead to believe that making a worker redundant in these troubled times might be the right decision and not a knee jerk reaction to the COVID19 crisis. Hundreds of workers are laid off after the recent outbreak of the coronavirus and many are home nursing the casualties of the “necessary” but critical decision.


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Key Players in Planning an Effective Business Continuity Plan

The year 2020 had become one of the most critical years of any business type, whether big or small. All types of industries suffered major losses. Families lost loved ones. Employees lost their jobs. It is indeed, like an unending series of unfortunate events. Fortunately, some business companies have their BCP (Business Continuity Plan) that can hopefully address problems encountered

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How To Recover From Job or Business Loss

Have you lost your job, your business, your income, or your passion for earning money? Are you feeling sad, lonely and non-productive? Do you feel that to rely on a government hand-out is just not something you want. Regardless of the political rhetoric, history proves beyond a reasonable doubt that government intervention in life doesn’t work for your benefit.


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